Navigating the Future of Bundled Payments

2017 National Innovation Collaborative

NOVEMBER 16 - 17   |   ATLANTA, GA

The Transitional Care Institute at Remedy Partners is hosting our fourth annual National Innovation Collaborative in Atlanta on November 16th and 17th. The Collaborative brings together healthcare innovators from across the nation to share insights, discuss best practices, and advance the conversation about bundled payments and the future of value-based care.

Navigating the Future of Bundled Payments 

In 2018, bundled payments will continue their evolution with the launch of BPCI’s successor, BPCI Advanced, and the growth of bundles in commercial payors and Medicaid. Further, MACRA will fuel the participation by physicians in bundles, as BPCI Advanced will be an Advanced Alternative Payment Model. At the National Innovation Collaborative, we will explore emerging bundled payment models and examine strategic and operational steps healthcare organizations can take to navigate the transition to value-based care through bundles.

A Collaborative Experience 

Hear what our speakers, partners, and guests have to say about our previous events to get up to speed on the Collaborative experience.

Keynote Speakers


Thomas Lee, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Press Ganey Associates


Harold Miller

President and CEO
Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform


Loews Atlanta Hotel

1065 Peachtree Street NE | Atlanta, Georgia

From the Transitional Care Institute Newsroom

Quicker Return to Home, No Increase
​in Readmissions

Sept 27, 2017

Since mid-2014, when Remedy Partners’ post-acute care redesign efforts began to be broadly scaled, we have seen a substantial decrease in skilled nursing facility (SNF) length of stay with no increase in readmissions for patients who initially go to a SNF before returning home after hospitalization. 

Broken Hips and Fragmented Care

Sept 26, 2017

The Fee-for-Service system that incentivizes providers to prioritize volume of care over of the patient’s best interest must be changed. Its goal must ultimately be to control costs and engage all of the providers who touch a patient across their episode of care.


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